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    Raising up to Send Out

    Training those who have been called to ministry is critical to pastoral health, development, and effectiveness. We believe there is no better training ground for ministry that from inside the local church.  We are here to help you prepare for your next season of ministry through a residency program. We provide a pathway for those who believe they are called to vocational church planting to clarify that call, engage in healthy leadership practices, and receive the training necessary to be sent with support, humility, and confidence.

    Who are Residencies for?

    All of God’s people are commissioned to be used by God to their fullest potential. Some of those people are called and wired uniquely by God to lead church planting teams.

    • An individual who aligns in heart and mind with Crossway’s DNA.
    • An individual who is sensing God’s call to vocational church planting, but desires help in bridging the gap from their current profession.
    • A current church leader who is feeling the call to church planting.
    • An individual who has already been affirmed as a starter, gatherer, and builder.
    • An individual who has or hasn’t completely seminary training and may desire further theological, pastoral, and hands on ministry training. 

    What is a Crossway Church Planting Residency?

    A Resident will enter into a 1-3 year Residency agreement with a local Crossway Network Church. Currently this program is in operation in Crossway’s Western Region.


    • Ideally,  a 1-2 year relational connection to a Crossway pastor/key leader.
    • A favorable church planter & marriage assessment.
    • Completed Crossway DNA Curriculum.
    • Completed Church Plant Resident Application (see below).
    • A recommendation letter from the host church that includes affirmation of these prerequisites, a general plan and estimated residency duration, and a funding request.
    • Be aware that the Regional approval process can take 4-6 weeks. We request that the above prerequisites be completed a minimum of 3 months prior to the start date of the Residency in order to ensure enough time for the approval process.

    A “Host” Church will be Expected to:

    • Provide a work space for the resident.
    • If needed, provide a laptop or tablet for the resident.
    • Provide leadership space for the resident to create, initiate, and multiply a sustainable ministry (small group, youth, college, young adult, etc.).
    • Pay for resident to attend agreed upon Crossway Huddle and a variety of partner training.
    • Provide necessary benefits in keeping with employment with the church.

    A Resident will be Expected to:

    • Launch, sustain, grow and hand-off a ministry.
    • Engage in being coached and coaching others.
    • Experience leading and serving in multiple areas.
    • Be an active ministry participant in the local church.
    • Engage in the community and display competency in outreach.
    • Go through Pastors and Leadership Institute (if applicable).

    How do Residencies Work?

    • Each local church will have a point leader that will prepare and coach the resident(s).
    • Residents will come under the guidance and coaching of the pastoral team, and participate in pastor meetings.
    • Annual assessment and report to the Western Region including specific church plant assessment, gifting, and plans for future leadership.
    • Upon completion of the residency, the resident should not assume that employment with the local church is their next step.  Instead, the goal is to raise up and send out planters with adequate support from both the local church and the Crossway region they are a part of.

    Funding a Full Time Church Plant Resident

    At Least 3 Primary Sources: 

    • 1/3rd of support will come from the local church
    • 1/3rd of support will come from the Crossway Network (Western Region currently stipulates a maximum of $2,000 per month).
    • 1/3rd will come from fundraising and/or working an outside job.  This also allows a resident to build ministry and prayer partners for a future Crossway church plant. 

    Additional funding requests for existing residents for things like exploring church planting direction, vision trips, and church plant team building will be considered on a case by case basis. 

    The majority of the time the funding for these efforts would come from Western Region “Special Projects (Related to Church Planting)” budget.  These funding items should be planned and proposed by the resident, evaluated and recommended by the sponsoring church, and approved by the Western Region lead pastors.

    Funding Part Time Church Plant Resident

    • Bi-vocational church plant residents will be evaluated on a case by case basis but the same principles of support will still apply (1/3rd concept).

    If you are interested in Crossway’s Church Plant Residency Program, please contact the local church leaders you have a relationship with or CONTACT US to make a local church connection.