Doing Life in relationships.

Growing in Christ together.

Reaching Out in our world.

Jesus left his first followers with a mission – to make more followers (disciples) of Jesus. We are called to invite others to follow the Way of Jesus and know the abundant life he offers on his terms.

We exist to serve, love, and lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Crossway, Life Groups are the main vehicle through which we strive to live out this mission together.  Our hope is that every person who calls Crossway their church “home” will be committed to a LifeGroup. Our regular gatherings as a church together are vital! But we also believe that these smaller “communities” will be the most fruitful way to truly practice the Way of Jesus together day by day…to be with him, become like him, and to do as he does in all of life.

Our goals for LifeGroups are pretty straightforward. These things will be our focus as each group meets together but also as they pursue Jesus together outside of meetings as well.

Doing Life as we build relationships together…

We aim to CULTIVATE genuine life to life care and personal relationships among followers of Christ as well as with those who have yet to follow him in their lives.

Growing in Christ as we follow Jesus together…

We aim to CONNECT all types of people to a Spirit empowered growing community.

Reaching out as we live on mission together…

We aim to COMMISSION people to live as those sent by Jesus Christ into their world. Every disciple of Jesus is called to share his gospel and live like him in such a way that we invite others to follow him together with us.

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