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    Eight Weeks through Mark’s Gospel

    MAKING DISCIPLES IS… Sharing my life in relationships so that God might lead others with me to salvation in Jesusand growth in Jesus.

    Can you think of people in your life that you would like to invite toward the way of Jesus or to grow with spiritually? Here’s a way to help people understand more of God and the gospel in a way that is simple, personal, and relational. You can invest in relationships in order to invite others in the Way of Jesus. Yes, YOU can make disciples!

    If you know someone who is a newer follower of Jesus or is interested in seeing what it even means to surrender life to him, we encourage you to start with an eight session look through the greatest biography ever written…the biography of the Son of God written by Mark.

    Simple Steps for Going through Mark
    1. Download the “Eight Weeks through Mark” Bible Reading Sheets.
    2. Invite someone to meet with you 8 times for one hour (longer if you’d like).
    3. Give them the first sheet and a Bible (if they don’t have one) and ask them to read the passage and write down answers to the questions on their own as best they can.
    4. Prayerfully spend time on your own reading and preparing your answers to the questions as well. Write them down. Don’t “wing it.” Come to the meeting with a sheet filled out with your notes.
    5. Meet together and take an hour or so to walk through the questions together.
    6. Listen, ask more, and guide. Be “invitational” like Jesus in your approach. Jesus says – “Come follow me.” etc. Let the final question on each sheet be a guide for where they are in a heart to surrender to Christ and follow him.
    7. Hand them the next sheet and schedule your next meeting together. Repeat this for all 8 weeks.
    8. PRAY throughout for God’s Spirit to lead you both to be with Jesus, become like him, and do what he does in all of life.
    9. If you need a summary of the gospel of Jesus Christ to share, here’s a good one to use: TWO WAYS TO LIVE. You can use this right on your phone or computer to share Jesus in a simple and understandable way that’s also very well done. Study it and have it ready always!

    Other One to One Bible Reading

    In addition to Eight Weeks through Mark’s Gospel, there are other formats for different types of Bible Reading together with others. Use these sheets to gather regularly with one or two people to read the Scriptures and grow in Jesus together!

    To branch out and learn more, grab David Helm’s book on this simple approach to growing through the Scriptures with others.