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All of our pastors are called to be undershepherds and servants of Jesus Christ - Our Chief Shepherd, Supreme Prophet, Great High Priest, Sovereign King, Savior of the World, Lord of All - Leader and Builder of the Church. We are desperately aware that we are men and will fail but are committed to genuinely emulating the humble leadership of the Lord Jesus and implementing His gospel teaching in all that we do. Crossway's Pastors consider it one of life's greatest privileges to lead the church as a team of biblically qualified men who are accountable to one another, to the church, and to God. We love the way that God has designed it so that each pastor is uniquely gifted for different ministry functions but with equal authority expressed in genuine humility and deference to one another. It is our delight to lead and serve for His greater glory and your good.

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Partners with the pastors, Crossway’s team of biblically qualified deacons are the practical caring and logistics arm of the leadership. They function in service to the body and to the pastors to ensure that their ministry of the word and prayer is not hindered. As the deacons serve deep in the life of the church, they provide valuable insight to the pastors for their decisions in humbly leading and governing the church.

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