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Crossway is on Church Center

Our first point of connection is always in person and growing in relationships together. When we’re not together in the same place, “Church Center” is our online connection point where you can stay up to date on what’s happening, join and view the church directory, connect with your groups, and a lot more.  Join the family!

Please read on for more instruction on how to join & access the Crossway Directory on Church Center if you consider Crossway Fox Valley to be your church “home.”

The Directory is a private place for the Crossway Family to communicate and connect with one another. For those who already have access, you will notice a different layout. We have opted into the Privacy Mode feature offered by Planning Center to provide an added layer of protection to the congregation from scammers accessing contact information. You can read more about Privacy Mode HERE. We believe this feature will still allow the Directory to function as intended while also keeping your contact information safe.

STEP 1: Download the Church Center APP.

If you have not done so already, download Church Center onto your phone by clicking on the link below! Once you open the app, you can search for Crossway Fox Valley by using your location if necessary.

STEP 2: Login with your phone number or email.

Login by entering your mobile phone number (or email). You’ll receive a 6 digit code to verify that it’s really you—paste this code into the box to complete the login. 

STEP 3: Join the directory.

Once you are in the app, scroll down on the welcome page and tap, “Join Directory” (pictured like the image below) and complete the form. This form will be submitted to Crossway’s Admin Team so that we can verify your information.

STEP 4: Wait for your confirmation email.

Once we’ve verified your info, we’ll send you an email giving you access to the directory. Please be patient, this may take us a day or two depending on when you fill out the form!

STEP 5: Open the directory.

Once you have access to the directory, go to the welcome page of the app. Click “More” at the bottom right of the menu bar. Then, click on “Directory.”

STEP 6: Share your information

Tap “Share Now” to select which pieces of personal information you would like to share with the rest of the church (this will only be shared with those who have been verified as regular church family at Crossway). You can make selections for yourself as well as all your household members.

If there are complications or you’re having some difficulty, we can help you in person at Crossway or don’t hesitate to email with questions and someone will get back to you ASAP!

Clark Richardson

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