At Crossway Chapel we desire to have more than simply "something for the kids." It is our goal to provide your young people with foundational teaching that is God-centered and saturated in the truth of the Bible. While the responsibility of raising our children rests on the shoulders of parents, at Crossway Chapel, our desire is to come along side you to provide love and support in this challenging task. Our ministry aim is to cultivate three things in the hearts of your kids:

Godward Orientation--Life is confusing, and the world in which we live is providing no answers. At Crossway, our desire is to help your young people to develop a worldview that has God at the center. This is accomplished through relevant Bible teaching and purposeful worship.

Community-- As we meet on Wednesday nights, our desire is that our gatherings would be a place apart for our young people. This is an opportunity for them to come and interact with other kids who are in the same stage of life and processing through the same challenges. Through our time together, we seek to establish lasting friendships through real life accountability and God honoring fun.

Outreach-- As we have learned from the life of Jesus, God's commandments are summed up in two key statements in scripture--love God and love people. As we seek to build a Godward focus in the hearts of your young people, serving together is a critical component. To this end, we strive to build our calendar to involve both activities that are fun and engaging as well as service oriented.

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